I'm Dan Golden.

A man of many nouns.

Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, Conscious Capitalist, Caregiver, Father, Musician, Extraordinaire.

A Bit About Dan

Pronouns are he/him, but I’ve also got a few more nouns. 

In the professional sphere, I’m a small business owner, an investor and an instigator of do-goodery.  My craft is digital marketing where I have served as Chief Search Artist at BFO, the award-winning agency I co-founded back in 2009. 

But the world is bigger than clicks and sales. At my core I am a conscious capitalist. That means I believe that businesses have the responsibility to serve all stakeholders; the environment, the employees, and our communities. 

I’m in the middle of writing the biggest chapter of my story but the ‘why’ behind it all is clear, my purpose on this earth is to spread joy and prosperity.

If you’d like to learn more about where I’ve been, there’s an orange button I made just for you. 

Years of Experience

World-Changing Ideas I’m “Working On”


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Dan Golden

My Brag Board

Here’s a few of the professional accomplishments I get to brag about thanks to my amazing team at BFO. I’m hoping you think these logos are so impressive that you’d consider buying a mug with Dan’s Mug on it.

My Tribes

I’ve been lucky to surrounded myself with some amazing communities of humans and entrepreneurs. I’ve met friends, advisors and co-founders and am proud to serve in leadership positions alongside so many inspiring humans who are elevating humanity through business.

The Company(s) I Keep

I believe business can be a force for good, and I am proud to be a part of some great companies that are elevating humanity while making a buck. 

Co-founder of award winning performance marketing agency BFO. We're best known for being an elite search shop, but we do a whole lot more than search nowadays. In our 12 years of business we've had the opportunity to work with some of the most prestigious brands.

Huble is one of the world’s leading Hubspot agencies with offices in London, Singapore, Cape Town and now Chicago. The international arm of BFO and our sister agency is now 150 people strong and hiring across the globe in 2022.

My worlds intersect with ecountabl - the worlds leading platform to enable conscious consumers and businesses to align spending with values. Ecountabl will help change the world and I'm proud to be an early investor and active advisor.

BFO built an outsourcing hub in Belize when our COO moved to Belmopan and we found some brilliant humans who speak english and operate in our time zone. IMHO they are some of the best SEO analysts in the business.

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Founder of innovative home energy database to help home owners navigate the shift to renewable energy and electrified homes.

Innovative HVAC & thermostat guide powered by AI.


Help My Boomer is built to support the Baby Boomer's caregivers as they navigate senior care for their aging parents. empowers users to connect with their trusted circles for support in various situations, simplifying the process and saving time for both requesters and helpers.

Speaking & Workshops

From big stages to small stages to classrooms and zoom rooms, I love teaching and talking – no matter the format or topic. These days, I’m most passionate covering topics from the future of digital marketing and the emergence of conscious consumers. 
Here’s a rap sheet of public speaking ‘creds and the ‘ol highlight real.

Conferences & Keynotes

Teaching & Workshops

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Adjunct Lecturer in Digital Marketing
Medill IMC Lecturer in Digital Marketing
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Take My Word for It

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