Well, Hello There Stranger…

Let’s talk! 

Not Required. I probably won’t call you 🙂

Let’s stalk!

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For most of my professional content, LinkedIn (and occasionally twitter) are where I’m at. The “META” profiles are mostly for kid pics and dad jokes, but if we know each other and you’d like to connect on the socials – I’ll probably hit accept. I haven’t posted anything fun yet on Tiktok but stay tuned but I’m practicing my dance moves.

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Let’s Work

Looking for digital marketing support? Here’s the VIP calendar link for the team at BFO. Tell em the orange guy sent ya.

Let’s Twerk

Join me alongside Steely, Ackroyd, the Hoover, DeVito and Bonaduce on the only creator monetization platform designed exclusively for the Dan community.

Dan Golden's Thank-You Card

Selling me Something? Here are a few tips! 

Yes, we’re all selling stuff. I’m selling digital marketing strategy and services. You may be trying to sell me coaching, real estate advice or the next best martech platform for BFO’s clients. That’s aOK, but here’s some tips on how to get through.

Here’s some advice:

  • Personalize your outreach, I can smell a 10-day / 4-email automated sequence from a mile away
  • Be direct, let me know an ideal outcome and what you are selling as I’m guessing it’s more than a “15 minute call”
  • Be Patient – This is a tough lesson I’ve learned on the “sell side.” Selling your stuff this month is your priority, but it’s probably not going to be mine.
  • If you are selling a platform for BFO, I’ll probably first pass your information over to one of our product team leads. I trust my team to evaluate the tools, technology and partnerships that are in the best interest of BFO and our clients. I try to avoid whenever possible being the founder that takes the meeting, sees a new shiny object and then pushes platforms and partnerships on my team.