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Search marketing guy who also cares about humans. Something resembling a resume can be found on LinkedIn.

Dan Golden is a digital marketing executive, entrepreneur, epic prankster and business innovator best known as co-founder and Chief Search Artist at the award-winning digital agency Be Found Online (aka BFO).

Like that photo shows, he’s usually juggling between 10 and 10,000 priorities between supporting the teams at BFO & Huble Digital, Ecountabl, teaching, board positions, and his current full-time role as caregiver and solo daddy to 3 kids under 8.

Like many agency stories, Be Found Local started back in 2004 in Dan’s apartment as a side hustle.  In 2009 Dan joined forces with longtime friend and current work-wife Steve Krull to start BFO.  Since those humble beginnings, BFO has been recognized as Ad Age’s #1 Best Place to Work, a Great Game of Business All-Star and a 6-year run as one of Inc. 5,000’s Fastest Growing Companies. 

In 2016 the company expanded internationally with offices in London and Singapore and in 2021, rolled up our international operations into our sister agency Huble Digital, now 150 people strong and growing fast as one of the world’s leading Hubspot consultancies.

Prior to BFO, Dan started out as a search marketing intern at ConsumerGuide Auto where he met his co-founder Steve. Dan spent a few years at “the big agency” learning the ropes running the Toyota, Cabela’s and FTD teams. During Dan’s tenure Performics grew to be the largest search agency in the US and was acquired by DoubleClick and then by Google back in 2007. After about a month of the free Google lunches, Dan left the big agency life to start BFO.

Outside of BFO, Dan has been heavily involved in business communities that are committed to making the world a better place; serving on the board of the Chicago Better Business Bureau and the Chicago Conscious Capitalism Chapter. Dan was also a founder of EmployersForVTO.org which merged with ElectionDay.org back in 2018.

Dan is a frequent speaker at digital marketing conferences but has the most fun speaking about BFO’s company culture. He is a frequent contributor to Forbes and is also an adjunct lecturer at DePaul University & Northwestern University in Chicago.

You’ve got questions? I’ve got DANSWERS. 

A: Simple answer is that I’ve always liked orange and orange things make me happy.  If you wanted the extended answer with some funny anecdotes? You gotta book a meeting and work for it!

In 2009 my uncle saw my now sorta search marketing “Famous-ish” orange jacket on sale and the rest is history.

As for sports teams? Nope, I don’t really root for any orange sports teams.

A:  I grew up in pacific northwest in beautiful Bellingham, Washington and have been rooting for the power-hawks since Cortez Kennedy. I’m also proud to be one of the “hawkfathers” of the Chicago Hawksnest (see here for the case study on how I used $20 in Facebook ads to launch the group)

Dan Golden Seahawks Fan

Running a conscious business combines what I’m good at and what I care about. I’m passionate about digital marketing and believe every business has a duty, obligation and opportunity to make the world a better place. You can read a bit more about my conscious capitalist journey here

Great question, thanks for asking. Indeed, we considered several designs even before the smiley face logo. But after 12 focus groups, we went with the consensus choice (and added a tutu at Dan’s insistence).
Dan Golden Baby Fan Club Design Alternative

No. Just a domain and a personal website (which does represent some real businesses that I’m involved with).